Amir Sa.Ma.Mo

Amir Sa.Ma.Mo is an Egyptian Spanish trader and independent financial analyst. He completed his studies at the University of Alexandria, Egypt and has released several successful books about trading. It is his success and knowledge that Amir Sa.Ma.Mo wishes to pass on to other potential traders, helping them to avoid mistakes and succeed in the finance and investment markets.
Learn more about investaia strategies and philosophy on trading below.
-A great Italian entrepreneur, used to say: “A dream looks like a dream until you start working on it. Only then it becomes an aim”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, was a French writer, poet pioneering aviator,
Used to say “A Goal without a Plan Is Just a Wish”
besides my dreams which i (Give Thanks to  GOD) for helping me to achieve them in this  life ,such as Tourist Guide , Traveller ,Good Husband and Father ,  Psycho-Technical  Analyst , My  new dream is helping  others to believe that You are the best person to manage your investments
– Most people have no idea how to achieve their dream or life purpose  to be  Good trader, Good  investors, they don’t know how to get from here to there. If that describes you, you’ll be glad to know that there really a path to the realization of your purpose.
Being Trading Coach and investment coach. Is my new dream is helping others to believe that
(you- they) are the best person to manage (your- their) investments .
 I always loved proverbs, because contained inside them is the wisdom of our ancestors. 
As a trader, I’m very sensitive to the old adages of Wall Street:
Follow the trend, the trend is your friend,” and “Trade what you see, not what you think” etc.
I believe that trading is a Mix Of Knowledge, Discipline, And Experience. So, I started to work hard to learn more about trading, studying to find the correct strategies to trade, to work on myself, on my flaws, and my weaknesses. I built step by step my own trading way, following some wise proverbs and sayings on Wall Street. Following the wise form my trading masters and their experiences which helped me a lot to be who I am.
Below, I will explain my trading philosophy:
– K.I.S.S the Market Keep it Simple and Save  trading simple.
Joy and happiness are found in the simple things. This is true in every field of life, trading included. I saw in my trade life that the simplest strategies, in the end, are also the most profitable ones.
– Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
What I hate most about trading is the risk. By investing in multiple markets, we can greatly reduce the risk, and in certain cases even negate it. So, diversification is the best way to have success in trading. It is the best way to get a steady income month by month.
– Having a good trading plan
Having a good trading plan is vital to achieving success in trading. We need to be able to have everything under control, knowing what to do at all time, even in unexpected circumstances.
– Know thyself, and you will know the Universe
In our case, know thyself, and you will know the correct way to trade. Only by knowing the weaknesses of our personality, and of our character and improving them, we could become successful traders.
– Learn to manage your money.
I think that nobody outside of you is worthy of managing your money because you only know the effort you made to get it. For this reason, don’t leave that someone else manages your money.
This is my trading philosophy, and how I built my trading career. Now I enjoy the benefits of my success, working few hours and having a high quality of life. As I said: trading is knowledge, discipline, wisdom. I am a trader that enjoys sleeping peacefully, without feeling the pressure of the markets. A trader who wishes not just to buy low and sell high in a market, but to take a portion of that market trend. A trader that has learned and understood that patience in trading is just as important as any aspect of our lives.
Happy life  & Happy  Trading  to you all.

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