Get Your Private Coaching Week In Spain

Madrid , Barcelona , Bilbao , Santander , Ibiza , Marbella

"What really surprised me was the ability to understand how and when Stock Market works without any prior knowledge."​
John Doe


Private interactive coaching live

What You Will Receive

  • Week with 6 hours training sessions – with me live in MADRID,BARCELONA , SANTANDER .

  • 4 Weeks with 1 hour trading followup review sessions,once a week to ensure that your trading is on track.Private one-on-one interactive coaching live via internet web conferencing. 

Entering and exiting trades

1. How to use only small stop losses and get the risk out of your trades quickly, so you are not a stressed-out trader

2. How to protect profits while in a trade so you don’t give back a large portion of your gains

3. The most productive times to trade, when not to trade, and avoiding over-trading.

4. How to set high probability profit targets to achieve your daily and weekly trading goals.

5. How to stay in the trade without fear so you can enjoy trading more.

To trade for a profit, model successful traders!

To be sure you have a successful trading philosophy, you need the determination and discipline to

Learn what the winners are actually doing, so you can emulate them.

What your risk management strategy is ?

Simple setups.

just 15 min every 15 Days

Simple investing Rules just 15 min every 15 Days

How you will trade?

Follow your plan to the letter.

Keep It Simple and Save ​